Why Industries Prefer Hard Chrome Coating for Their Equipment

  • The tools and equipments used in different types of industries are always exposed to various damage conditions. These majorly include corrosion, rust and other technical wear issues. Applying hard chrome coating to the surface of the machinery can drastically improve their life and durability. The surface coated with chrome and other anti acid coating prevents the formation of acid and other harmful chemicals on it. This is the key reason why industrialists prefer such coatings.


    As compared to other coatings, hard chrome lasts comparatively longer. However, in this scenario many factors are responsible for the durability. These include how thick is the layer of coating, quality of coating and even the method used for spraying coating. Because of its numerous advantages, hard chrome coating is used for plentiful purposes such as providing smooth finishing to materials. Apart from that it’s used in plenty of hydraulic cylinders, auto motive and mining, pumping and agricultural equipments.


    Across various industries, these coatings have the benefit of applying it on many substances like copper, brass, stainless steel and many more. It also helps the material to work under extreme conditions that too with irregular surfaces.     All these advantages of chrome coating help the materials to stand stronger against damages and reduce the repair costs. If the machinery is too damaged then it might have to get changed but applying coating on the right time can save your machinery from getting worn out.

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