Best Spots for Pre Wedding Photography in Pune

  • Pune is a place which has a plethora of spots ideal for wedding photoshoots. That’s why, wedding photography in Pune is a great option. You’ll have the benefit to choose the perfect place from a variety of locations. From natural green gardens to ancient temples and vintage structures, there’s an abundance of places to explore in Pune. One thing is sure that you’ll never run out of choices in this city. Let’s see what some great places for a wedding photoshoot Pune are-    


    1) Places of Historical Heritage- ancient monuments are always created with stories and wouldn’t that be wonderful to have it in the frame with your loved one? If you and your beloved are fond of ancient places then you can go explore The Aga Khan Palace, Sinhagad Fort and Lohagad Fort. A touch of history will really spice up the chemistry of your photoshoot.


    2) The Green Parks and Gardens- Pune has a plenty of green parks all over itself and greenery is always welcomed in wedding photoshoots. Few of them are Saras Baug and Empress Garden whose green lush can be perfect for your wedding photoshoot.


    3) Temples of Pune- Temples are considered to be pure and eternal and what could be a better place to create everlasting memories ? Some of the famous temples are Omkareshwar Temple built in the 17th century known for its stone carvings and Pataleshwar Cave Temple which is carved out of one single stone. All these are some of the ideal places for a wedding photoshoot Pune.


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