The Relevance of Tarot Card Reading in Today’s Day & Age

  • Tarot reading is known to predict the future quite accurately. Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, each card is unique in its own way. These 78 cards are further grouped into two categories - the 22 major Arcana cards which revolve around Karma and the 56 minor Arcana cards which represent our day-to-day problems.

    Dr. Gitanjali Saxena specializes in Tarot card reading. She believes that tarot cards are not just a piece of paper rather they are competent tools which can show us a reflection of our inner self.

    Tarot reading has all the answers relating to one’s personality, past, present, and future. It also tells you about your goal attainment speed, the hard situations that you will face or are about to face and what influence they will have on you. These answers are determined by a combination of tarot cards.

    Anyone can learn tarot card reading by following a few basic guidelines. For starters buy a deck of tarot cards which appeal to you. For starters, opt for basic and traditional designs. After some time you will be able to associate card meanings to real-life situations.

    Tarot Reading predicts the future on the basis of current situations. The future that is predicted is changeable if you are willing to take the efforts to change it. The future that is predicted depends on the preciseness of questions asked for it.

    Tarot Card Reading requires a certain degree of positivity and openness of mind. A tarot card reader must be able to free his mind from any preconceived notions and have a neutral outlook towards life situations. A tarot card reader must also be able to communicate his interpretations without any bias.

    If you want to try tarot card reading our ace psychologist Dr. Gitanjali Saxena is the best in Mumbai.