Effectiveness of Restaurant Cleaning Chemicals

  • One of the most crucial factors to the triumph of any restaurant is its hygiene. There are various things which can define the fate of a restaurant and among that is the hygiene, sanitation standards of a restaurant that can hamper its image. But the upkeep of the restaurant can be done efficiently with the appropriate usage of restaurant cleaning chemicals.

    Restaurant hygiene is not just for ensuring health and safety of the staff and customers but it also plays a major role in defining the perception of a restaurant.

    Customers are now being very specific in terms of the outlets they choose for dining out. From delicious food to ambiance, they want a place which is clean and serves hygienic food. We can say that hygiene is the second most vital factor which is required to run a restaurant after maintaining the quality of food. Therefore, cleanliness is one of the key factors that can be achieved using restaurant cleaning chemicals.

    It is also very important to choose the most suitable commercial kitchen cleaning supplies that are designed to work with specific types of equipment and meet the needs of your commercial kitchen. Some restaurant cleaning chemicals have more general uses, like all purpose degreasers and sanitizers, while other commercial kitchen cleaning supplies have very definite uses, like soft serve machine cleaners etc. Thus, the hotel, restaurant staff should be aware about the usage of restaurant cleaning chemicals.

    Vamat GH DW 30


    Product advantages:

    – Suitable for machine cleaning in all commercial dishwashers
    – Especially for soft water
    – Excellent grease-emulsifying power
    – Removes dried food residues
    – Prevents the build-up of stark deposits
    – High concentrate, therefore low dosage and highly economical

    Fields of application:

    For the food industry e.g. in bakeries, butchers, restaurants and industrial kitchens; especially suited to china, glassware, plastic, stainless steel and cutlery

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